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Xactimate vs Symbility

There is an issue that is coming up more and more with insurance companies and independent adjusting firms (IA Firms). They are often asked by current or prospect clients (insurance companies) to consider using Symbility for their estimate writing rather than the industry standard, Xactimate.┬áThe program is actually pretty good as far as capability, and it can do a few things that Xactimate can’t and vice versa. However, the problem is not so much capability as it is pricing.

Unfortunately, “some” IA’s who have used it for a while end up abandoning it and requesting to not work those clients who require Symbility. This is a big issue that is coming up with the large independent adjusting firms.┬áThe reasons are usually as follows:

1) The pricing for labor and materials is significantly lower than Xactimate so the IA makes less when billing with a graduated fee schedule. PLUS it makes it even more difficult to negotiate with contractors, insureds, and PA’s as your estimate is always significantly lower than industry standards.

2) We’ve been beating up contractors and PA’s for years to get them to all switch to Xactimate so we can reach agreed figures more easily. Now that many of them have done that, they are ticked when they find out an IA/insurance company doesn’t want to use Xactimate.

3) The cost of the program is quite high on a per claim basis. $15 per claim adds up quickly every month and throughout the year. Most IA’s won’t abandon Xactimate, so they are eating the cost of running two very expensive platforms.

For companies considering the switch; just know that it’s an uphill battle. You have to get IA’s to convert over, to then retain them on the program, and finally the additional challenge of reaching an agreed repair figure with contractors and PA’s.

Who knows, maybe in 5 years Symbility will be the new industry standard!