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CAT Adjusting

Catastrophes pose a challenge for any size insurance company. Reliable Property Adjusting, Inc. (RPA) can help ease the burden and make it an easier process for all parties.

One of the challenges many companies have is handling the volume. With that volume always comes rushed claim handling from all parties. Unfortunately, this rushed approach can lead to problems months down the road.  It’s critical that with every wind event, the entire roof and every interior ceiling be photographed and documented.  For every house anywhere near a flood zone, the flood line must be determined and documented.  Meeting with our client at the beginning of any catastrophe adjusting assignment to define storm specific requirements is essential to overall success.

RPA accepts the challenge this creates, requiring and providing a more thorough inspection and report without impacting customer service at the time of the greatest need.  From our perspective, the keyword in the CAT business is “scalable.” We have taken the blueprint we’ve developed for daily claims and adapted it to a CAT level process.  While we understand customer service cannot be negatively impacted, we also recognize there is only one opportunity to do it right the first time.  Depending on the location, size and storm specific issues, we document our files in a way that will protect our clients from possible disputes that could lie ahead.


How do we accomplish this? To achieve the proper balance of quality and customer service, RPA recognizes the solution lies in the following:

  • Realistic management of our commitments – Extensive time and effort go into this piece of the catastrophe puzzle, including studying client policies and analyzing past storm activity and data.  Acting as an umbrella over the entire CAT plan is the core company philosophy of “under-promise and over-deliver.”


  • Strategic relationships – Reliable Property Adjusting recognizes the single most important outcome of every catastrophe is performance.   RPA has screened and partnered with well established outside CAT adjusting firms to supplement our select workforce.


  • Recruit Superior Talent –The ability to recruit, attract and retain quality catastrophe adjusters is central to our ability to serve our clients and keep their promise to policyholders. Our adjusters are ONLY local within the New England area. We personally meet with our adjusters and go out with them on a periodic basis to critique their work product. Our adjusters aren’t from a distant area, nor are they sitting on a “CAT roster” only to be activated every few years.