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We have provided a list of applicable insurance resources with links to the various topics. Simply hover over “Additional Resources” in the menu above and see the links to other topics of interest. Below we have listed useful links to experts and sources we utilize to address the various challenges we encounter:

Here is a website link that lists many of the popular insurance policies used around the country.

Curious what an expert witness should cost. See this fee calculator at

Looking for a third party to inspect a roof? Possibly even use an engineer? Try Trinity Inspections.  –

Do you have electronics that need to be inspected? Subro concerns? Foul Play? Or just need to confirm the COL? Try StrikeCheck –

Having claim issues with an HVAC system? “HVAC Investigators’” technicians have the skill set to investigate many types of equipment failures. Their services help you determine whether the damage occurred from lightning, hail, surge, smoke, water, or wear and tear – using the most highly rated techniques and procedure.  –

Have a Fire Claim and need assistance determining the COL? Or you have questions regarding subro or other matters only a specialist can answer? Try Acacia Investigations. They specialize in Fire and Fraud Investigations here in Connecticut. –