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Difficult Home Repairs

One of the challenges experienced by insurance adjusters and contractors is determining the best repair for the job. In the insurance world we use the term “like kind and quality” which is another way of saying it needs to look just like it did before or even better. Sometimes there is a tendency for insurance adjusters, home owners, contractors, and public adjuster to butt heads about how a repair should be done. Ultimately it is always up to the home owner about how a repair will be done, but its usually best if the insurance company agrees so the settlement payment agrees with total cost of the job.

Over the years we’ve run into a few repairs that seem to always draw disagreement among various parties. Fortunately, there are viable repair options which everyone should consider. We have created a few pages on our website to detail these most common instances:

Hardwood floor damages and the recommended way to remove and replace damaged sections without replacing an entire floor. The completed floor can then be sanded and refinished along with all other adjacent flooring. See details here – 

Another common issue we see a lot are roof leaks that are directly related to a leak around a pipe boot. There are two ways to fix the roof and prevent this from happening. The first is to replace the entire pipe boot assembly, but that requires removal of a few shingles around it. If the shingles are old or difficult to remove, this can create a problem in itself. A better way is simply to add on a new gasket. See how Tom Silva from This Old House does it here –